What is Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su?

Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su is the name of the system developed by Grandmaster Alan Lee. The definition of Kung-Fu, Wu-Su is multi-faceted. Broken down literally, kung means “discipline”, fu means “person”; hence, a disciplined person. Wu means “martial”, su means “technique” or “skill”; hence, martial skill. Put together this indicates a person disciplined in martial arts. Its ultimate definition becomes even more profound, in that Kung-Fu, Wu-Su is truly the harmonious blending of body, mind and spirit in order to become a better person and live a better life.

Our system is based on the instruction Grandmaster Lee received in over 26 styles of Chinese martial arts. These include Northern and Southern Kung Fu styles, ground fighting, animal styles, springing leg, breaking, escape techniques, the 18 traditional weapons, chin-na-fa (grappling and locking techniques), throwing, discipline techniques and iron body.

Students of Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su become disciplined in the proper execution of martial art techniques through repetition, practice, focus and concentration. In addition, they develop proficiency in self-defense, meditation, breathing and internal cultivation. These disciplines become priceless assets throughout ones life. An individual can take them into her or his professional, academic and social activities.