Chi Kung and Longevity

In addition to self-defense and fighting techniques, the Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su Association teaches its students how to achieve a better lifestyle which can lead to a longer and healthier life. We incorporate Buddhist and Taoist techniques into our teachings. Some important principles include:

  • “The Three Eights” - 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 8 hours play per day

  • Proper diet and use of supplements- Vegetables, protein, vitamins, minerals, herbs, health supplements

  • Breathing exercises - Tu-na, jing sung

  • Concentration exercises - U-Ding Concentration

  • Meditation exercises - Taoist and Buddhist

  • Internal organ exercises - 8 Silk Weaving, 12 Silk Weaving, 36 Superior Taoist Techniques Chi Kung exercises - Ging kung, neigong, waigong

  • Injury & sickness care - Daoyin bi ji, wai qi zhiliaom, accupressure, massage, herbology & Chinese medical techniques

Those who practice the above techniques with discipline and regularity build up strong chi, which can be used to improve ones own life and the lives of others.

In China, tales of great masters using chi and herbs to assist healing injuries and illness are well documented. Even today, the first “doctor” many Chinese go to is such a practitioner. Testimonials from recipients of chi healing mention feelings of energy surging through the body and/or injured area, seeing colors corresponding to different “flavors” of energy, and faster than normal healing of injuries. Grandmaster Lee performs these services and trains all his degree holders in the application of these techniques.