The Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su Association has been a beacon of traditional martial arts in New York City for over 45 years. Our founder, Grandmaster Alan Lee, was one of the first to teach this knowledge openly to all, regardless of race. The school he founded continues to pioneer the instruction of a once obscure art.

In continuous operation since 1967, the Chinese Kung-Fu, Wu-Su Association teaches a highly unique system based on all aspects of traditional Chinese martial arts. This art form has been passed onto thousands of students. Some of them have founded their own schools in the US and abroad while others have gone on to acting and stunt careers. Furthermore, the temple has provided many public and private exhibitions throughout the city and has been the subject of several documentaries and numerous magazine articles.

While we pride ourselves on the physical and mental development that results from training, the ultimate goal of the association is the overall development of the individual. We firmly believe that Kung Fu's highest purpose is to help shape a better person who lives the best life possible.


Demo Team Available for Your Event

If you are interested in having our demo team perform at your event, please contact them at We can show a variety of activities to match the theme of your event; including health, fitness and longevity as well as our martial art performances. Our system includes all forms of fighting as well as discipline techniques (breaking, nail bed, etc.).

Souvenir T-Shirt Showing Grandmaster Alan Lee Performing Chi Kung

Looking for that perfect gift? Try our Souvenir T-Shirt -> a high quality 100% cotton black T-shirt showing a signed photo of Grandmaster Alan Lee performing a Chi Kung exercise. We currently have Youth Size 10 (7-8 years), Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large T-shirts in stock. The cost is $25 for this unique souvenir T-shirt. Please visit our school during class times to purchase this T-shirt. You can also purchase the T-shirt online via Paypal and have it shipped to you. This is an excellent holiday gift for your loved ones. To view a picture of the photo on the T-shirt, please view our public Facebook page (no need for a Facebook login). To order a T-shirt online please click here: Order T-shirt Here.

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